Welcome to Tirrim Christian Schools

Christian schools for children of camel nomads.

Welcome to Tirrim Christian Schools

Christian schools for children of camel nomads.

Welcome to Tirrim Christian Schools

Christian schools for children of camel nomads.


Who we are

The Northern part of the Kenya is a desert region and one of the poorest and least developed regions in Kenya. It’s almost impossible for the population to have a stable income by farming. Most of the ethnic groups live a half nomadic lifestyle living mainly on animal breeding.

Because the region has few resources, the Kenyan Government  invests very little money in the development of the Marsabit County. The young people have little hope for a successful life in Marsabit County. Most of them try to build up a life in the cities – far from their roots and home.

Northern Kenya is a large area of Kenya that has few all season roads, relatively dismal phone connections, and many illiterate people.  The living is harsh,  but people are beginning to hunger and hope for education and ways to initiate self-improvement. Thus, Tirrim Schools opened  beginning with nursery level (kindergarten) and going through secondary (high school)

Students come from many tribes:  the Boran, the Samburu, the Rendille, the Gabra, the Somali, and others.  Many live in extreme poverty as well as in spiritual darkness.

The schools in northern Kenya have a reputation for producing the poorest results nation- wide in the KSPE and KCSE national exams each year.  This is not because the people are mentally challenged, but it is because of the poor quality of education available. However, Tirrim Primary School has had the highest scores in the county for years.  The closest high school to Korr has continually been the lowest in the county. Tirrim High School has been able to produce university level students.  Tirrim schools have been able to provide quality education in an area poverty struck for good teaching.

The Need:

Tirrim schools cannot run without subsidy.  National schools are subsidized by the government.  The government pays teachers‘ salaries and for food.  Students have school fees which cover other school expenses.  Tirrim would have to charge 3 to 4 times the national school costs to cover all its expenses.  This would make Tirrim education impossible as many northern students are too poor to even pay what the national school require.


Tirrim schools exist to offer the people of northern Kenya an excellent Biblical education producing leaders who can help build self sufficient communities where Christ is pre-eminent in every aspect of life.


The mission is to train and guide the young people, training and guiding in life skills, by applying Biblical education principles using an effective curriculum and having an environment where good role models impact students’ lives.


Christ centered

  • Christ-like lifestyles
  • Christ-like teaching methods
  • Christ-like discipline procedures


  • Taking pride in everything that is honest and trustworthy.
  • Having a desire to be honest, sincere and responsible in our service to our Master Jesus and to our community.

Academic excellence

  • Competent and committed teachers.
  • Adequate education materials and facilities.
  • Disciplined students and teachers.


  • Members work together to achieve the common goal of presenting every person mature in Christ.
  • Members value each person’s strengths and strive to combine God given talents to produce united efforts.


Excellence with Godliness